La violence n'est pas innée chez l'homme. Elle s'acquiert par l'éducation et la pratique sociale.

Françoise Héritier, anthropologue, ethnologue, féministe, femme politique, scientifique (1933 – 2017)


A Tribute to Alice Miller

Alice Miller Died on April 14, 2010 at the Age of 87. The contribution of her writing to her readers, as well as to the cause of children and of humanity, is unparalleled. The lives of all who have read her books, from The Drama of the Gifted Child to Free from Lies, have been […]

Ordinary disciplinary violence

Here you will find a list of essays and newspaper articles in English about ordinary disciplinary violence. Nov. 22, 2016 in The Globe and Mail: Spanking has no place in Canada, period, an article by André Picard. See also our section Études scientifiques sur les effets de la violence éducative ordinaire where most of the […]